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30 Jan 2017 - Pitt Race SnowCross

Hello Racers,
   We are trying to get a feel for the size of the crew interested in a SnowCross or Autocross in the snow on the VDA. Please voice up if you think you would come.

A few thoughts:
   - Does day of the week matter or impact your participation?
   - Would running a smaller/shorter course impact your decision in order to reduce impact with guide rail?
   - Would you be happy to lowkey format (timed but not recorded, open classes, minimal management; more runs. or would you prefer a competition style (recorded/timed, classed, and managed; less runs)?

Please either answer here or email info@pittrace.com so we can start a database include your input... without it, we can't make this happen. Thanks!

Please let your friends know so they can provide input as well.

18 Nov 2016 - 2017 PAX


All you Street drivers are cheaters.
Karting Hours are Changing

Well fall is finally here and as things are changing at Pitt Race with the paving of the old North Track, karting hours will be changing starting October 10th, 2016. Thanks for your patience!

Public Rentals:
  • Monday/Tuesday- CLOSED
  • Wednesday/Thursday- 3pm-7pm or dark
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday- Noon- 7pm or dark

  • Wednesday/Thursday- Noon-7pm or dark
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday- 8am-Noon (no evening practice)

All prices will remain the same.

We have canceled the Saturday and Sunday evening practice due to the shortening of the day due to darkness.

11 Jan 2016 - 2016 STC Solo Schedule

Hey everyone! I hope you've had a great New Year so far. We've finally got everything sorted out with PittRace and think it's about time we officially release our 2016 Schedule! I've got a feeling it's going to be a good year for AutoX!

DATE:            EVENT:                   VENUE:           NOTES:
04/16/2016   SCCA Starting Line   PittRace   
04/17/2016   Solo Event #1           PittRace   
05/22/2016   Solo Event #2           PittRace   
06/19/2016   Solo Event #3           PittRace   
07/16/2016   Match Tour              PittRace           Counts towards STC Points as well!
07/17/2016   Match Tour              PittRace          
08/07/2016   Solo Event #4           PittRace   
08/21/2016   Solo Event #5           PittRace   
08/28/2016   Solo Event #6           PittRace   
09/18/2016   Solo Event #7           PittRace   
10/02/2016   Solo Event #8           PittRace   
10/16/2016   Solo Event #9           PittRace   
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