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2017 STC Solo Season Passes - Available!
I hope everyone has had a great off-season, but its now time to start preparing for 2017.  We have made the 2017 season pass registration available for $240!

SCCA Members can get a Season Pass to all 9 STC hosted regular season events for $240.
Support STC AutoX by investing in a season pass. Canít make all the events? The season pass not only offers numerous perks for you as a competitor but it gives you the opportunity to contribute to the solo program. Season pass entries assist in upfront costs of the program such as software, equipment and supplies. Invest in STC AutoX today!

Season Pass Perks:
Attend 9 events for the cost of 8
Expedited Event Registration
Annual Tech
Free Fun Runs
These are the events you will automatically registered for:

Date   Event Name   Location
4/09/2017   Points Event #01 - Sunday   PittRace
5/20/2017   Points Event #03 - Saturday   PittRace
6/18/2017   Points Event #04 - Sunday   PittRace
6/25/2017   Points Event #05 - Sunday   PittRace
7/23/2017   Points Event #06 - Sunday   PittRace
8/05/2017   Points Event #07 - Saturday   PittRace
9/20/2017   Points Event #08 - Sunday   PittRace
10/1/2017   Points Event #09 - Sunday   PittRace
10/15/2017   Points Event #10 - Sunday   PittRace

Register Now
For anyone wondering, it looks like the NHSCC has posted their 2017 calendar.

04/02 - Autocross #1
04/09 - Autocross #2
04/23 - Autocross #3
05/07 - Autocross #4
05/21 - Autocross #5 HDSA Event
09/03 - Autocross Non Points (Tentative)  :-\
10/08 - Autumn Leaf Autocross
10/22 - Autocross #7
10/29 - Autocross #8

Only Steel Cities conflicts are 4/9 for SCR event #1 and 5/7 for the Evo school which I don't imagine would impact but a small handful of people.

Now if we can just get AHR to release their schedule. Lot of big gaps in the summer months this year.
Happy New Year Western PA AutoXers! Steel Cities would like to officially announce our schedule for 2017! Yes you read that right, we will be having two Saturday Events this season. More details on those events to follow...

Official 2017 Steel Cities AutoX Schedule
April 9th Event 1 (Sun)
April 28th-30th Heavy Metal Match Tour (Fri Evo Advantage, Sat Event 2 Pts, Sunday)
May 6th-7th Evo School (Phase1 Sat, Phase2 Sun)
May 20th Event 3 (Sat)
June 18th Event 4 (Sun)
June 25th Event 5 (Sun)
July 8th-9th PVGP AutoX School (Sat, Sun)
July 23rd Event 6 (Sun)
Aug 5th Event 7 (Sat)
Aug 20th Event 8 (Sun)
Oct 1st Event 9 (Sunday)
Oct 15th Event 10 (Sunday)

18 Nov 2016 - 2017 PAX


All you Street drivers are cheaters.
Karting Hours are Changing

Well fall is finally here and as things are changing at Pitt Race with the paving of the old North Track, karting hours will be changing starting October 10th, 2016. Thanks for your patience!

Public Rentals:
  • Monday/Tuesday- CLOSED
  • Wednesday/Thursday- 3pm-7pm or dark
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday- Noon- 7pm or dark

  • Wednesday/Thursday- Noon-7pm or dark
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday- 8am-Noon (no evening practice)

All prices will remain the same.

We have canceled the Saturday and Sunday evening practice due to the shortening of the day due to darkness.
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