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Here is the press release regarding the karting series at Pitt Race. We are looking forward to getting started!

Link: http://www.alleghenykartingseries.com/news.html

Allegheny Karting Series to Debut at Pitt Race May

15 Apr 2014 - 2014 PHA Schedule

2014 Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association Schedule

May 24-25 Spring Jefferson Track Trial, Summit Point, WV
June 14-15 Spring Weatherly Hillclimb, Weatherly, PA
June 28-29 Pagoda Hi
Good morning racers!

We hope you have been enjoying your winter off and are looking forward to getting back to participating in some events =)  I am sure we are all tired of the snow and are looking forward to warmer weather ahead.  To help set the mood of the season just being

02 Feb 2014 - 2014 PAX index

Sorta surprised this wasn't on here already.  But for those who haven't heard the 2014 PAX is out.  Biggest addition is of course the street tire classes all getting their own PAX numbers finally.



And here it is in "by month" form:

March 15-16: TOUR South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, GA
March 22-23: PRO Akansas Aeroplex
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