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Our Fall Racing League registration is now open.  Below are all of the particulars!

Cost: $50 per week
Duration:  7 week league – Tuesday Nights – 6:45pm-9:30pm
Start:  November 7th
Minimum Racers to have league:  16
Max Racers for league: 27

All racers will get 1 warm up race, 2 qualifying races and a Main Event Race.  The qualifying races will seed you into the Main Event.  Main Event will either be our standard race (winner based on fastest lap time), 12 lap grid start, 12 lap rolling grid start (fastest racers seeded first, crossing the finish line determines the winner).

Kart Selection
Kart numbers will be done randomly (pick a number from the hat by each racer).   Order of picking for warm up race will be based on the best time ever completed at Steel City Indoor Karting.  Subsequent rounds will be based on fastest to slowest lap times on previous round that day.

Racer Weight Adjustments
Racers under 180lbs races times will be used as-is.  Racers between 181-230lbs will have their race times adjusted by reducing their fastest lap time by 1 tenth of a second.  Racers over 230lbs will have their race times adjusted by reducing their fastest lap time by 3 tenth of a second.

Points to be given out based on finish position and number of total racers.  For example, if 27 people race, first place would get 27 points, second would get 26, and so on.  Total points over the seven-week league will determine winner.

All League Racers - 50% discount on Wednesday’s Unlimited Racing for the duration of the league.
1st Place: Trophy, 7 Free Races, Free Entry into next League, Cash
2nd Place Trophy, 5 Free Races, 50% off Entry into next League, Cash
3rd Place Trophy, 3 Free Races, 25% off Entry into next League, Cash

Cash awards will be dependent on the number of racers.  (If we get a full field of 27, 1st place will get $250, 2nd place will get $150 and 3rd will get $100)


All Current Race Rules at Steel City Indoor Karting are Active
We will enforce all rules we current have in place including blue-flagging racers that are slower during races where fastest lap time is the determining factor.

Late Arrival to Race Day
If you arrive late and miss your slot for practice, you can still be added into the qualifier races.  If you also miss the qualifier, you’ll be added into the last slot of the main event.  Cost is still the same.

Equipment Failure
If a racer has equipment failure during the race, Steel City Indoor Karting will have the final determination on how it’s handled.  This may include the racer being able t
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