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Hey, you guys all know about the TT Steel Cities is hosting at PittRace alongside the Rocky Farrar Memorial, right?


  • 8/11-8/12
  • $250
  • Includes autox and road rally entries (if you want)
  • Two 20 minute sessions each day.  Best time from each day (either session) added together determines results.
  • ~ TNiA vehicle and driver safety rules

WAY more details about the TT are here.  Message me if you have any questions!
Looking for people who are interested in contributing to an open source race data logger project I've had on (very) slow burn for some time now. If there are hackers, electronics engineers, embedded engineers, or swes who are looking for some racing-related fun, let me know.

A while ago I started hacking together a data logger as a first project in Arduino and got sucked into adding more interesting and complex sensors to the project. To date it has GPS, an accelerometer, suspension position, steering angle, tire temperatures, etc. With some experienced contributors this could be a very inexpensive and powerful tool. Not looking to create a product to sell, just something to offer to the community. I'd love to have the individual components merged into one daughter board and bolted into a case that has good quality connectors. I've done lots of testing with the existing setup and it's stable, but isn't very elegant.

The project:

Let me know if you're interested.
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