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18 Nov 2015 - 2016 PAX Index

Its been around facebook a few times already.  But for those who haven't seen it...

As those of you that made it to last week's race know, the current ownership of the Allegheny Karting Series has announced that they will not be returning in the same capacity after this season.

With the off season quickly approaching it would be a great time to start work on the paperwork required to start a club and whatever else will be required. Boards, elections, rules, classes, schedules, sponsor sales, etc all will need to be addressed. AKS has already established a transferable LLC complete with Federal EIN and State Tax numbers and paperwork. Once the current accounts are settled AKS can transfer everything to the new entity, saving a tremendous amount of money compared to starting from scratch.

We'll be happy to offer assistance with rules, classes and schedules or anything else needed when the time comes. I have some suggestions that I believe should be implemented for next year to improve as well as simplify the program.

I will not be in attendance this weekend but I think it would be great to identify some leadership in advance so that someone can talk briefly at Sunday's Drivers Meeting and start collecting contact information of those that would like to join in.

Thoughts? Volunteers?
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