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Road Race Car Package with NASCAR Stock Car, Spares and Trailer
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:15:26 PM »
For sale is a NASCAR Busch Grand National North Stock Car with Trailer

Price: $18,000 firm.  I have decided that I will keep everything and run as time permits until someone buys it at this price.  This is not negotiable.

Included in price:
Complete car ready to road race, all spares, 8.5 x 20 ft V-Nose enclosed trailer with winch

After the last few years I have come to realize that my life does not have room for racing anymore.  One race weekend and 2 or 3 track days a year is not worth it.  Hoping to sell to someone that can use more.


Stock Car:
1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass NASCAR Busch North Car.  I purchased this car in 2010 off of a guy that was using it for track days only.  I did all of the upgrades to make the car able to pass race technical inspections.  Have SCCA logbook.  Some are sure that this was an old AJ Foyt “Copenhagen” team car and other are just as sure that it was a Hermie Sadler “Virginia is for Lovers” car.  I have no idea.  Never tried to find out.  I am only interested in driving.
This car will take your breath away the first time you pit out in it.  It is impossible to describe what it is like to drive.
I took pictures for documentation purposes and put them here:
Note that pictures are in random order and span 7 years.  Many are not current.  I have more pictures but I am tired of fighting with the stupid Google+ interface.
In car videos available on my YouTube channels: kgorawiec and keith orawiec  (keith orawiec is more current videos)
I have all receipts for everything in a 3-hole notebook since I purchased the car.  The previous owner had nothing so I have figured out all of the part numbers and such.  This is harder that it might appear.
Engine: Custom built Chevy 350ci.  Approximately 5 engine hours on complete +$11,000 rebuild in 2014 (have receipts).  At my request, the engine was built for durability not power therefore I estimate the power to only be about 500hp-525hp or so.  Engine built for 8,000rpms but I rarely took above 7,000 (See videos to confirm).
Drivetrain: Super T10 tranny (rebuilt a couple of years ago), Winters Quick Change Rear, newer Quartermaster 7.25” 3-disc clutch with Newer Quartermaster release bearing
Full unmolested NASCAR cage and body.  Body could use some work but I never had time.  It will pass tech.
Car has weight-jackers and corner heights are individually adjustable
Newer Sweet Steering Box
Butler-Built Containment/Halo Seat
Brand new fuel system (cell, cell pickup, pump, filter setup, pressure regulator) and heavy duty ignition box.
Wilwood brake setup with front/rear bias knob available while driving.  No fade ever and threshold braking on demand.  Brakes are unreal.
All glass recently replaced (Lexan - done per rulebooks).
Fire system, fuel cell, belts, seat, window net all current and will pass race tech.
Spares: 3 sets of wheels/tires, 2 quick change gear sets, box of springs,. ??? sets of front brake pads (they last forever), window templates, three 5-gallon fuel cans, fuel filter.  Whatever I have you get.

Purchased new direct from manufacturer in Tennessee in November 2010.  Only used to tow the car to and from Pitt Race (15 miles from my house) and left in a rented storage spot when not in use.  Never had time to run this car on other tracks.
8.5x20ft V-Nose enclosed trailer with 3,500lb winch attached to a ¼ thick mounting plate.  I will include winch battery.
4-wheel electric brakes
Breakaway kit
Driver's side escape door, man door and rear door opens to become a ramp for loading
PA inspection done Sept 2017
All 4 new tires and wheels in 2016.  One spare tire/wheel.
Includes 4 Summit Racing ties downs to secure car while in transit-
Shows its age a little but admittedly I have never washed it.

The bad:
The steering components are worn and if I don't sell the car, I will likely replace them.  I replaced the steering box but the linkages, etc. need refreshed to tighten up the steering precision.  Also, to save weight, I removed the transmission cooler.  This was a mistake and I plan to reinstall over the winter as time permits.

I will always be available to the buyer for assistance and information.  It took me many years to figure out all of the parts, pieces and consumables on this car. 

I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of stuff.  Feel free to ask questions.
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I have never driven subtle cars.

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Re: Road Race Car Package with NASCAR Stock Car, Spares and Trailer
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2017, 01:58:21 PM »
I backed the car out of the garage today for it's monthly warm up. I decided to take a video to better show the car - the pictures I posted aren't that great.

There are 2 videos because I bumped a button while taking the video.

The car is dirty from the last race. I start the car in the second video.
I have never driven subtle cars.