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FS: Hillclimb/TT 97 Integra GS-R
« on: November 07, 2018, 08:52:32 AM »
1997 Acura Integra GS-R

Original, stock B18C1 – 123k miles

Currently street legal with PA emissions and inspection good until 8/2019


I bought this car Summer ‘15 from a local autoxer (BetterLotus here on RPA) to do Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association (PHA) hillclimbs and time trials. I got a roll bar installed Fall ’15 and did my first hillclimb June ’16. The car has changed a little each year and I currently run it in Super Touring Lite (STL) at hillclimbs due to their unique ruleset. THE CAR IS NOT CAGED, AND CANNOT BE RACED W2W. The car and I currently hold several records in ITS and STL at different hills. Has current SCCA log book (incomplete).



Custom roll bar by Misfit Autowerks – This was installed when it was a full interior car

Fenders rolled, pulled, “flared” by PO.

Weight savings – removed spoiler, rear wiper, moonroof, headliner, speakers, antenna, interior (except front carpet, dash and console, door cards). It’s legal ITS weight w/ 180-ish lb driver

Koni Yellows rebuilt/revalved by TrueChoice (May ’18)

Ground Control coilovers, various spring rates (currently 750lb/fr, 550lb/r)

4-2-1 ceramic headers (off brand), 2.25” stainless exhaust (off brand) and custom axle-back with nice Magnaflow muffler with turn-down (to get rid of big chrome “fart can”).

AEM V2 CAI with new Green Filters cone filter

Skunk2 short throw shifter with light weight Delrin knob and Energy Suspension bushings

Skunk2 front UCA’s

New (May ’18) front LCA’s w/ new Energy Suspension shock mount bushings, sway bar endlinks and Kingpin Machine compliance bearings.

PCI rear sperical LCA’s, UCA’s and Hardrace RTA bushing (new May ’18) and ALL new OEM hardware

Type R rear sway bar

MFactory helical diff, ACT race clutch (unsprung) and lightened flywheel (12lbs?)

ARP wheel studs

CCC Racing moonroof plug

Old-ish Momo steering wheel, Corbeau seat with custom seat-back brace on Corbeau double-locking slider. G-Force 5-pt FIA camlock racing harness.

“Custom mounted” (prototype, by me) handheld fire extinguisher

Hidden fuel cut-off switch

Quicker release front bumper, eBay front bumper lip

New reman front brake calipers, Carbotech XP12 and Hawk HPS brake pads with a set of rotors for each pad material. El Cheapo rear brakes.

ABS disabled (unplugged by PO), I assume it works but never tried.

Stainless Steel front brake lines

New OEM plugs, MSD wires, OEM rotor and cap.

New Vtec solenoid gaskets and screen



There was a bit of rust above both rear wheels and above the windshield that the PO sanded, rust treated and repainted. It’s held up pretty well. I haven’t touched it and it’s been fine. Rust on bottom of drivers door. The paint (Milano red) is faded, has some weird pink spots, rust on deck lid where the spoiler was, etc. There are a some scratches, dents, dings etc. etc. etc. from tools, jack handles, people etc. etc. etc. It’s not a rust bucket, but it does have some rust. FULL DISCLOSURE: IT LOOKS MUCH BETTER IN PICTURES AS IT DOES IN PERSON.

Hood latch sticks

It sat for outside for a while before I got it, so there are some pretty rusty bits and pieces, but every part of the suspension has been off the car THIS YEAR so no worries there.

Probably needs motor mounts

Probably should have a rear subframe brace

Probably should get a new oil pan gasket

Rivetted plug over moonroof, can’t go back to stock

Removed rear wheel speed sensors, no ABS so never replaced

Since car has been more or less gutted, roll bar should be redone. If I don’t sell the car I will probably get it caged this Winter.



I think I have every part to put this car completely back together as a “Street” or “Street Touring” car, in varying conditions, including all interior plastics, steering wheel and GS-R front and rear leather seats, etc etc. The front leather seats are in GOOD condition.

Passenger Corbeau seat/slider

Expired G-Force FIA 6-point camlock harness

Front LCA’s powdercoated red, PCI bronze pillow-ball bushings (not installed)

Front shock lower fork mounts

Front calipers (need rebuilt)

Front bumper and FR and FL fenders (all Milano red)

Eibach 25mm rear sway bar (BRAND NEW)

3 pairs of coilover springs, Neuspeed “race” springs for struts

RaceCapture Track – predictive lap timer, data logger and telemetry system



1 set of silver 15x7 RPF1’s with pretty much used up 225/40 Hoosier A7’s

1 set of silver 15x7 Kosei K1TS’s with 205/50 RE71R’s (new May ’18, 2 hours on track) Need flipped but still good for a while

1 set of silver 15x7 Kosei K1’s with garbage Hoosier SM7’s

1 set of bronze 15x6.5 Rota Circuit 8’s (?) with really cheap all seasons, good tread

Two (2) 15x10 Diamond Racing steel wheels with corded 275/35 Hoosier A7’s


I’ve grown to love this car and have a blast driving it. I am looking to get into something faster for next year if possible and the sale of this would go directly towards that goal. With the mix of parts I have, and specifically the different wheels, there’s some room for dealing. Car is located in Pittsburgh PA.


So bring a (big) pickup and take EVERYTHING with you price is $6000

Everything but the wheels (bring your own) $4500

Take the car as-is with NO spares or extras on the Rota wheels $3500


'97 Integra GS-R - ITS/DSP

'16 Frontier - Tow/Family Duty

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Re: FS: Hillclimb/TT 97 Integra GS-R
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2018, 09:26:34 AM »
Street legalish? clean title?

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Re: FS: Hillclimb/TT 97 Integra GS-R
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2018, 12:54:53 PM »
Street legalish? clean title?
Yes and yes.

It has both inspection AND emissions stickers. Has wipers, all lights (including trick LED 3rd brake!) and a horn that works (sometimes). Which reminds me I actually have a new horn button in the glove box to try...

PA title is clean and clear and in my possession (somewhere  ::))
'97 Integra GS-R - ITS/DSP

'16 Frontier - Tow/Family Duty

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Re: FS: Hillclimb/TT 97 Integra GS-R
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2018, 12:56:07 PM »
'97 Integra GS-R - ITS/DSP

'16 Frontier - Tow/Family Duty