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Road Racing & HPDE / Re: SCCA Time Trials for 2020
Last post by KeithO - December 28, 2019, 06:14:05 am
Thanks for the additional info.  Will watch for updates.
Road Racing & HPDE / Re: SCCA Time Trials for 2020
Last post by Brian - December 27, 2019, 08:05:42 pm

There is not an SCCA national tour TT at Pittrace this year. However it's likely that SteelCities will piggyback one or two single-day time trials with the regional road races. We'll have to stay tuned to them for an announcement.

Only requirements are a drivers license, helmet, and an SCCA membership. Groups are self-sorted based on experience and comfort in traffic/at the limit. I believe the novice groups get some classroom time. Traffic is mostly a non-factor after drivers are sorted by lap time.

Think of it like an HPDE with transponders as far as driver qualifications, vehicle prep, ect.

Road Atlanta is only 4 months away now. I'm stoked. I probably have over 1,000 hours on that circuit in vidja games.

I'm even more excited about Nelsons Ledges. How that track got a national tour event I'll never guess. If I ever have a chance of getting a class win on the tour it's there.
Road Racing & HPDE / SCCA Time Trials for 2020
Last post by KeithO - December 27, 2019, 10:09:32 am
I see that SCCA held at least one time trial event at PittRace in 2019.  Are there plans for 2020 and if so, when would the schedule be available?

I read over the SCCA info but there was something that wasn't apparent - is there any sort of license or credential that is necessary to compete?

Classifieds / Re: Enclosed Trailer - 2011 Pa...
Last post by rickshank - December 03, 2019, 06:45:51 pm
Classifieds / Fellow Racer's Auction (Akron,...
Last post by ninetyfourintegra - November 24, 2019, 01:30:21 pm
Fellow racer is having an auction Friday 11/29/19 in Wadsworth, OH (just outside of Akron). Everything in his barn/workshop/garage is up for auction - including a caged Supercharged 1994 Miata (full NASA/SCAA legal) race car.


If you have any questions on any of the items, let me know and I can get details.
Classifieds / Enclosed Trailer - 2011 Pace A...
Last post by rickshank - November 23, 2019, 08:16:47 pm
2011 Pace American TA3 24' + 4' V-nose

Purchased new through Evergreen Trailers in PA to my request.    Trailer was used 2011-2014.  In summer of 2015, I put the trailer and my Formula Ford into climate controlled storage in a limestone mine.  I pulled it out a few weeks ago when I sold the FF.      I'll post it now, but realizing that spring may be better overall and that's when I'll give the exterior a wash. 

Trailer when new (2011), showing the extra height against my Chevy 2500HD diesel.

Normal wear for a racer trailer, but not abused by any stretch.  There are marks on the outside from passing debris (my guess is a lawnmower, to be honest) as well as marks from the door being opened without the stop chain).    Trailer was probably last inspected 2014, as the only use it saw in 2015 was driving to underground storage.  Will include Weight distribution hitch with bars (Equal-i-zer).

Features -
5200# Dexter torsion axles.
Silver powder coat wheels (one has a dent from a previous flat but has held air for at least 4 years with no issue). 
2 spares inside + Trailer Buddy.
Race Ramps, as small dovetail on door is removed for this setup.
12v + 110v lighting
3/4" plywood floor w/ factory linoleum on top.
3/4" plywood walls (upgraded from base)
Luan ceiling
36" side door
6" I beam frame
LED outside lights
Electrical package - gives the 110V lights 110V receptacle, and light switch,30A breaker box
Added bar lock to man door.
Winch plate is welded to frame but no hole/winch (HF winch will be added to anyone
A/C frame brace (in drawings as well to know where it is) installed.
6" extra height overall.
Fastener-less exterior (bonded panels).
12" on center wall studs vs 16"
4 factory D-rings, added 4 more for 8 total (with plate backing).
R7 foam insulation, walls and ceiling.

Added later -
(3) 4' tire racks - Aluminum
Used kitchen cabinets installed with positive latches.

Location - Northeast of Pittsburgh, PA (15613).


contact - rickshank (@) gMail com

Photos - Photo Link
Garage / Re: Tacoma transfer case
Last post by lorenzoscribe - November 19, 2019, 07:15:28 pm
I tracked the problem down to the actuator in the front axle.  I bought the part through Summit, (not cheap ) and spent about an hour and a half wiggling it around before I got it out from under the truck. 

When I went to put the new one in, I spent something like five hours with absolutely not luck in getting that actuator anywhere near the hole in the axle.   In the end, I had to take it to my regular mechanic who is used to bailing me out of biting off too much to chew.  They had to drop the front diff and move the steering rack to get enough room to put the part in, and from the RTV smudges on the oil pan, it wasn't easy at that.   But it works just like it is supposed to. Good for another 200,000 miles.

Classifieds / Kart Rain tires mounted on Fre...
Last post by trigun7469 - October 25, 2019, 10:03:52 am
Brand New Bridgstone YHP mounted on Freeline wheels

Price: $200

Classifieds / Re: WTB Subaru Outback Wheels
Last post by Masher Manufacturing - October 19, 2019, 09:07:47 am
Have a look at car-part com , make sure to use the minus ( - ) sign and exact spelling as other sites are very similar.  This searches participating salvage yards, call don't e mail as some yards have not figured out e mail. 

All Foreign near the PGH zoo ( where auto x used to be held in the 80 - 90's )  always has great pricing.  The are even starting to get USA stuff. 
Classifieds / WTB Subaru Outback Wheels
Last post by AaronH - October 15, 2019, 03:50:39 pm
Anyone have a set of 17" OEM Subaru Outback or Legacy wheels for sale? I'm looking pair them up with winter tires and I am not finding much on the usual retail websites that seems like a good deal. Thanks. 
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