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Started by lorenzoscribe, February 27, 2017, 08:45:20 am

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I watched the Daytona 60/60/80 Wreck-A-Rama yesterday. I was curious to see how their new format would work.  I have to say that "We were not impressed".   The three segment deal didn't do anything for competition that I could see. The five minute wreck repair rule makes sense if you aren't going to give points for finishing the race, but it takes away from the brilliance of the mechanics who can put a wrecked car back together and get it back out there to finish.  I'm waiting for someone to get seriously hurt when a team sends a car back out and fails that would not have if they had a little time to really check for and replace damaged hardware.

And it appears that there are now only three race teams in NASCAR. Chevy, Ford and Toyota. The factories are now calling the shots as to pit stops and strategy. 

I"m sorry. I don't see this new rule set attracting young people to NASCAR, nor do I see it retaining the traditional stock car racing fan.

Larry Steckel
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I bet viewership was up for the reason your stated " to see how their new format would work" and they will pounce on that stat to claim early victory. I don't know that I have much of an issue with awarding points for being at some position during a race (didn't they use to have a bonus, or $$, for leading the halfway point?). What I don't care for is the scheduled cautions. This isn't amateur racing where the teams need to plan what's going to happen when. I'm not crazy about the "competition yellow" when there is rain, either. Again, these aren't amateurs. These drivers/teams know if tires are wearing to fast and can choose to come in or stay out.

I also tend to agree on the repair clock, especially since it includes on/off pit road time. I could see a 5min limit on pit road, then you must go to garage. Once in garage perhaps still have a limit (15 or 20min??). Something to say, "yeh we broke something big but it's a quick fix in the garage". There were a lot of good teams that were out but could have been back to make a race of the those that wrecked... Currently you just have to hope you're the one that caused the pileup (in front of everyone you wrecked) or hit the pileup hard enough that you bounce your way past a few before the caution waves :-\

As for the factory pit stops, I'm betting that won't happen much outside of Daytona/Talladega.
"I went out first with Ron, and in all honesty, I thought I was going to die... Thanks for the ride because that's what I needed was to get back in a car" -Habib88


If you can stomach to watch Nascar, watch the the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes.


I still have a soft spot for it. Spent a number of years crewing, and then driving, at Jennerstown. Basically, if there is nothing on I'll have it playing (but don't regularly watch/follow it). But don't go out of my way anymore.
"I went out first with Ron, and in all honesty, I thought I was going to die... Thanks for the ride because that's what I needed was to get back in a car" -Habib88