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Who can machine a custom nut?

Started by Sam Strano, April 13, 2017, 05:52:49 pm

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Sam Strano

customer has the nut in hand, all measurements are right, except the ID and thread.  It's 14mm and we need it to be 12x1.25mm.  No a normal nut won't work.

Customer will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow.  Can anyone help?????

Strano Performance Parts


as in 14mm hex and needs a 12mm x 1.25 thread? i think i have a tap here in that size if so i can do it. if you mean a 14mm thread and needs reduced to 12mm, i cannot do that as i believe 14 is too big for a helicoil.
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Sam Strano

It is already 14mm which is too big.  Plan b here is a Keensert (like a killer helicoil) but that's B.
Strano Performance Parts

Masher Manufacturing

Mcmaster Carr sells keyserts however the OD is usually 2 sizes up from the ID.  You can also get a metric OD / US ID.

What are they trying to do that needs a special nut?  If reduced OD clearance is needed, have a look at internal wrenching nuts.   These are a sleeve with ID threads with one end broached to fit a allen key.