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Karting Season is Upon Us - great deals to be had

Started by Kartwerks Dan, April 21, 2017, 11:28:15 am

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Kartwerks Dan

April 21, 2017, 11:28:15 am Last Edit: May 02, 2017, 12:53:04 am by Kartwerks Dan
Energy Storm Cadet chassis - 1 race old roller, complete and ready to race. Unquestionable best kart on the market right now - $2500

Birel C28/Comer 80 engine package - turnkey $750 Sold!

Birel AR28/Yamaha Sportsman package - turnkey $1000 Sold!

2010ish Merlin 30mm kart - great for Yamaha Junior Can, Yamaha Senior Pipe or LO 206 - complete roller with choice of seat - $500 you assemble Sold!

Birel R30/4 - Like brand new! The classic R30 design but with a flipped rear bar from the factory to accommodate a Briggs LO 206. Available either as a bare frame (use your components to convert) or with all the parts you'll need in a box for you to assemble. $500 frame only, $800 with parts.

2014 Praga Piccolo 900mm - complete roller currently set up for smaller driver - all the goodies including/IPK Mag Wheels, PKT Front Hubs/Collars/Axle, angled steering hub, IPK pedal extensions, IMAF Composite seat, etc. The best Rookie/Micro chassis on the market with wins all over in the wet & dry - $1250 or $1400 with brand new graphics

2016 CompKart Covert - perfect for TAG or Yamaha, all the goodies, nearly new - $2800

(2) Monza Z28 cadet karts (Birel built w/ all Freeline/Birel components), complete rollers w/ seats, wheels, tires, etc, - $1200 for the pair (includes 2 sets of extra practice tires)


Allison Mini or Micro Rok - complete packages. FWT Race and Championship winning engine program. None better in the country. 3 engines, 2 carbs, 3 pipes (including a Lambda prepped pipe), 3 engine mounts, 2 airboxes, Greyhound rain hood, 2 jet kits, box of new spares including drivers, electronics, springs, carb kits, etc - Taking reasonable offers. No you can't "try one out" - absolute proven equipment.

Cook Yamaha Rookie/Sportsman w/carb, 4-hole Can, Hortsman HDC5A clutch (and engine mount I believe) - $1000. Also have big carb available and Sean's blessing to convert this to a Can or Pipe package.

Fleming Comer 80 - $250

Cook Leopard - nearly fresh, best of the best - was track record holder at both NCMP & PRK. Available as engine only or complete kit. Have spare rads, pipes, pumps, electronics, etc. - $850


One man kart lifts (2) - $250 each

MG/Evinco practice tires 4.6" for sportsman or Bridgestone YLC or YLR - Case for $50

Birel/Freeline bodywork - all used. $10 per pod or fairing or nose

Horstman Steel Nytro Clutches - 2 complete and a spare driver, look clean and fresh - $100

L&T Clutches - 2 disc, 2 new style (1 new, 1 used), 1 old style (used), 1 spare drum (new) new style - $200

Horstman HDC5A Single disc clutches for Sportsman or Rookie - Complete (Used) w/ new Andrews or Horstman drums - $100

Yamaha 4-hole Cans $40 Used, $75 New

Ribtect Carbon Fiber Seat - MLT, Tall configuration - $150 (Retail is over $400)

Armadillo Rib Vest - (2) Newer generation Kid Kart size $90 (new) & (1) Older style Junior 1 size $50 (new)

Birel/Freeline and Praga axles - Many sizes available $100 each

CompKart Kart Covers (3) like new - $50 each

Monza factory suit - Awesome looking brand new suit still in the bag, size 54, List price was $795! - $200

TAG/Shifter Rads - Various sizes and configs, New in Box OTK/New in Box PRD, Narrow Dual Core aluminum by Doug Kekich - great for a kart with a big seat - $50-250

Vertical Rolling Kart Stands for karts with tube bumpers - $10 Sold!

Rain Wheel sets available - 130/180 or 130/130 - $100-150

Much more to come!
Kartwerks, LLC
Coaching, Service, Kart Sales
Praga & CompKart

Kartwerks Dan


IMAF Youth 2 & 4, Regular 1, 1+, 2 & 3 - List $177 - sell for $125 or $175 installed new, $50/$100 used.

Tillett - variety of T11 and T8, some padded but mostly not - Most available for $150 new, $100 used plus $50 to install if you prefer.

Let me know what size you need and I'll see what I have. Probably 100+ seats still on the shelf.
Kartwerks, LLC
Coaching, Service, Kart Sales
Praga & CompKart

Kartwerks Dan

Kartwerks, LLC
Coaching, Service, Kart Sales
Praga & CompKart