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Please contact me

Started by oldguy, April 25, 2017, 08:29:53 am

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Gibby or Chris. Please contact me I have some autoX, race tires that you may be able to use.  FREE   I also have 8 17" rims you may be interested in. Cheap

Rudy R Orawiec
[email protected]
814 352 3207


we'll call you later today


Old Guy,

I ask again WHY ARE YOU QUITTING?!?!😠


By the way I thought the tires were 17 X 10. They are 18 X 10.5. Sorry   You can still have the tires for free and the rims we can discuss $$ if you are interested.  I had the wheels/tires on my 2001 Camaro with spacers.

And I'm hanging it up after the NASA PittRace Event on June 3,4 [ I think ] because I'll need to do it some time and at almost 76 the time seems right.   



I could have used some of your 'grab me by the collar and talk some sense into me' this past weekend. I'll have to soak it all in at the next event.
"I went out first with Ron, and in all honesty, I thought I was going to die... Thanks for the ride because that's what I needed was to get back in a car" -Habib88


Yea , Bob sent me pictures.  Sorry you did damage ; however since it is already damaged you will not need to be as careful. LOL

Looking forward to see you racing again.  Tell the kids I think of them often.


I'll keep an eye out for ya at the NASA svent. Not a bad one to end it on.
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