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New Tires opinion

Started by scca-racerx, May 22, 2017, 02:27:40 pm

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Got my bonus.  Time for new tires.  Yes, I am getting Bridgestone RE-71R's.

So, what size?  The school of thought that I have been around says stuff as much rubber on the wheel as possible - 275/35/18.
There are 2 sizes of 265 tire.  265/35/18 and 265/45/18.

The 265/45 might have more tire flex in the side wall enabling the tires to get more traction and they might have a bigger diameter enabling higher top speed.  Or, I could be doing some wishful thinking.

Anything is better than the heat cycled freebee's Trevor gave me.  You get what you pay for.  They will be available with some tread on them for free if anybody wants them.  I think they are Rival S 275/35/18.

Now that I have time, I can fix the clunk in my front strut.
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I think that might be too much sidewall. I'd go with the 265/35/18 or even a 255/35/18

Just copy off Chris haha.

Also I have interest in your Rival S if they aren't too scrubbed away.
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265/35r18 if you can't fit a 285/30r18...

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265/45... what SUV are you racing this year?

Those tires are TWO INCHES taller than the 265/35's. My 255/40/17's are the same diameter as the 255/35/18 (0.7" shorter than stock) and I'm struggling to think of a single time I've shifted to third or bounced off the limiter for more than a blip in the year I've been on that setup. I'm not a fan of pinched tire setups, though I'm sure it works for certain cars. I'd rather have the extra sidewall support and consequent steering precision of a well matched rim and tread width over the marginal extra grip that wider tires might offer.

Metric tire sizing is almost as arbitrary as treadwear rating. Dig into the measurement details, especially actual tread width. If I was running 18's, I'd be picking between:
245/40 Rival S V1.5 - 9.1" tread width
245/40 Nexen Sur4G - 9.0"
255/35 RE71R - 9.3"

My 255/40/17 1.5's are 9.0". Those 265/45/18 RE71R's are only 8.9". See what I mean?
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255/35/18 is what you want Joe. Coming from the stuff too much tire on guy.
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255/35/18 is what I wish I had got for the S3 instead of the 245/40/18, so that is my vote. 

The Nexen Sur4G 255/35/18 is 9.6".  if for some reason the RE-71R's don't last the rest of the year, I may give them a shot.
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Quote255/35/18 is what I wish I had got for the S3 instead of the 245/40/18, so that is my vote. 

Ditto. I was on 245/45R17s last year (so I could swap them between the Maxima and G35x) but they were really just too big and I lost a lot of the low-end torque I depend on for AutoX.

This year the Maxima is on 255/35R18s (RE71s) and should be a bit happier with just a bit more width than last year. Although I've started racing the G37 (on 245/40R19s) I still plan to bring the Maxima out to a few events this year -- hopefully AHR and/or North Hills.

I use the tire calculator on this website continuously when shopping tires:

I also use the "Specs" tab of the RE71 page on tire-rack and look at the measured width column along with OD when making decisions. Too wide is no good if the wheels don't back it up. -pc

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