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Wyotech, Saturday 5/27

Started by lprmesia, May 23, 2017, 11:02:52 am

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Who else is coming?

I love running here because:
  • Folks usually get 6 runs...

  • ...plus enough fun runs to make you sick of driving.

  • The backdrop of the mountains is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Registration ends later so I can get my beauty sleep (10:30am).  ;D

  • The days are usually over (including fun runs) by 2pm.

  • The people that run out there are truly wonderful people.

  • Shawn's dog is awesome

  • The course designs are usually unique and fun.

  • It's a great way to get new people involved due to the low cost of under 25 memberships.
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And Clems is right up the road
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After a fiasco involving a bubble on the sidewall, I'll be there with the cop car with much wider rear tires. 275 35 18s. But they're Chinese, so maybe I'll be sliding less?

Still waiting to hear back from someone else. I'm trying to drag him up with the miata to get some good pictures of the cars together.

The little tykes birthday party is the next day, so I might not stick around for fun runs because I still have a lot of prep to do.


I bring race dog. He seems to enjoy himself. Oh and the Corvette is fixed...
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Actually not looking like I'll be able to make it this week. Too much to get ready for Sunday's party.

Feel free to stop by for some food Sunday though, should be ready around 3 or so


Maaaaaybe taking the Mustang to the 1/4 mile for T&T to kill the remaining tire on it wasn't such a great idea with regards to sleep, but I'll be there in the Miata tomorrow...er...today...
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Sucks about Bill's car. If he had a few more runs I'm sure he would have taken both FTD and PAX.

Made a few mistakes out there, but glad to finally have the car running like it should. Fixed the alignment and braking issues from North Park to give the car a final shakedown before back to back weekends in Peru (Match Tour) and Toledo (ProSolo).

2014 Subaru WRX - 27 STH
2016 Ford Fiesta ST - 5 HS


While I know I can get closer, I just concentrated on taking a tight line the entire day.  I think at 6th in PAX and less than a second off of 1st despite nothing but damp runs makes me think I might have actually done something correct for a change:


Also, I got the photos done!  Granted, there aren't many, but still...


High Res

"He who shall be last, shall be sideways and smiling."
- Jezza 19:3

2014 Ford Mustang GT #10 FS
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No biggie about my car. Initial diagnosis is a munched drivers side axle. We may even have another one laying around. Stunk I only got 3 cracks at that course, but 4 was apparently too many.

I got a f--k ton of photos today in heats 1 and 2. Couldn't cover 3 (driving), but I got 2/3 of the cars there.
Unfortunately, I shot them on a slow card, so they're taking an eternity to transfer.

Pics tomorrow.
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