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Suggestions for Shops to swap transmission

Started by FasterFocusZX3, August 21, 2017, 06:24:10 pm

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Synchro is bad on 2 to 3 upshift, 4 to 3 downshift in my 2004 Focus 2.3L.  Looked into repairing, but found a used transmission with only 9K miles that I already picked up.  Anyone on here have any suggestions where to go to have the transmissions swapped out for a reasonable price?  Looks like a 5-5-1/2 hr. job.  I have the Haynes manual for the car.  Would have done myself in the old days, but don't have the room, tools or time to do it anymore.  Let me know.  Thanks. 

Masher Manufacturing

Be aware that not all shops like to install bought parts. ( wrong parts tie up the bay,  failed bought parts are blamed on the shop, labor rates are based on the ability to make $ on the parts. )

Are you running the stock trans fluid or something slippery / thinner?   

I think the syncros have lining ( friction material not just bare brass ) and slippery fluid could cause a crunch so going to stock or thicker may be a temp / permanent fix. 

When you have the trans changed, think about a clutch replacement / machining the flywheel because at that point you are looking at an extra hour of labor and parts.