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Started by ericdc, October 21, 2017, 08:48:25 pm

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Having,  Autoxed since 1989 , Crashed a car at my 4th or so auto x event, Road raced a Formula Ford in the mid 90's:

Road racing by it's very nature carries a strongly implied:  " Don't drive harder than you can handle because falling off the road could carry severe consequences." 

Auto X carries a stated / implied: " We limit speeds to keep you safe , we design courses to keep you safe , we keep cars far apart from each other to keep you safe, If you fall off the road there isn't anything for you to hit "

As a result, autoxers push the car far harder than a road racer and seemingly fall of the road more.  Unless we hold autoxes at Bonneville, area 51 or some long lost WW2 airport the size of Luxembourg there will always be something to run into given enough effort. 

What may get lost in all of this ( but was eluded to in another post ) the club is run by an ever changing group of volunteers not professional track designers.  With the course changing at every event a good faith effort is make to minimize risks but it is up to the driver to be responsible for their own safety.   Course designs also have many experienced eyes looking at them so I'd hazard to guess that obvious flaws will be brought to the attention of the designer.


I would like to point out this coming thursday is our annual board meeting. if you have had problems with course design or any other aspect of the organization we ask you to come voice your opinion and provide advice to us(and some help for events isnt bad either). also i know we are always in need of extra safety stewards so anyone willing to take on part of that responsibility are greatly encouraged to do so.
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Masher Manufacturing

Adding to your post:

These events are put on by a _car club_ not a company and as a result rely on like minded individuals to keep the program going.  When I was heavily involved in the 90's I did what I could to help things along.   

Thanks to all recently and currently involved that keep things going even though I haven't been to an event in years.  It would be very easy to Steel Cities auto x events to vanish due to lack of volunteers making it much more difficult to restart in the future, don't take what we have ( faults and all ) for granted. 


Could be much worse. At least we're not dealing with this...

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Quote from: lprmesia on November 27, 2017, 07:24:23 pm
Could be much worse. At least we're not dealing with this...


I lol'd at the guy in grid throwing his arms up after the car stops.  ;D
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