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Any karting aimed at kids?

Started by Rev93NA, November 21, 2017, 09:55:43 am

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I'm just curious is come spring/summer when my little one turns 3 if there is any karting available for her?

I'd even be happy with her being a passenger, but I won't be upset if I hear 3 is to young to start.

Her mother has decided she'd rather I push the little tyke into racing than all the school sponsored stuff she's going crazy trying to keep her older child involved with, and while I perfectly fine with this, I'm not sure where or how old to get her started.

Statlers is closest to me, there's a bring your own kart in mount pleasant, and I know about PITT race and that place in Monroeville as well, maybe there's more I forgot?


Usually 5-7 is the youngest age group for karting.
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On the kart track, you can practice at 4 and race at 5.

Mine practiced on his 4th birthday and raced on his 5th...
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Three is a bit young - 4 is fine if they are physically capable and wanting to do it. I'd suggest getting out on a Power Wheels this year, particularly if you can find one with an actual brake pedal. Racing at 5-7 in Kid Karts (5/8 scale) and then in various cadet classes from 7-12 (3/4 scale).

Ron has seen and done it all with 2 kids. I can help out if you have any questions. Pitt Race is a little short staffed on karting people right now but I presume they'll have someone in that role in the spring. There are good club tracks east of Cleveland (Thompson/CKRA) and south of Canton (Adkins Raceway/Indian Valley Kart Club).

There is a great starter engine package for a younger/smaller driver that wasn't an option until recently - the Honda GX35. Pretty safe speeds and not ridiculous acceleration so its easier to keep them in check starting out. The same kart that uses that engine will also take the 50cc versions that they race with. I personally love Kid Karting as a was to introduce kids and families to the sport but you have to keep it in check - some of the Kid kart parents are freaking nuts. Just have fun and learn but don't get too serious until its time to jump in the bigger kart. It'll help with your sanity. lol
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