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December fastrack

Started by scca-racerx, November 22, 2017, 02:02:41 pm

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Membership feedback wanted on a crap ton of BS cars to DS, including STI, Focus RS, Golf R, Mitsu Evo.

Anybody want to buy a 33k miles WRX for $28k?  Comes with 2 sets of tires.  One stock, one race with RE71R's.

Screwed again.   >:(
Joe Montuoro
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^This is why I refuse to play their game and buy a different car to "fit" into a class. Its a moving target all the F-en time.

Wrote my letter concerning S2000's to CS from BS. Included the C4 because the S2000 and C4 are very similar in performance on an auto-x course. Moving one then makes sense to move the other. I can see it now....."thank you for your input....."
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Easy to miss that first line, I did as well:

"#22882 Move RX-8 from CS to DS
The SAC would like member feedback on the following class change proposals for

I'm getting ready to sell my car anyway, but yeah, I would have been pissed too if that was for this upcoming year. Some of those cars are no brainers that should be moved. The RX-8 would be a fun addition to the class. I 100% do not think the STI is faster than the WRX in an autocross setting. Not sure about the Evo. FoRS, S3, Golf R? No. Sorry Ben and Alan. :P
Chris K
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Maybe now we'll finally see that soft DS pax get adjusted to where it belongs  :P
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Could always come play in STH. Can't run a J Pipe w/ the 15+ WRX in Street Touring due to removal/modification of the restrictor pill, and you'd have to come down to a 245 tire - but I think Chris has proven that you have a wonderful chassis. We've ran close times when we've shared a car in the past, but half the time he beats my STX/STH car with his DS car. The gearing, powerband, and chassis make for a wonderful autocross car on the 15+ WRX.
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