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Anyone any good with the 4R70W?

Started by Rev93NA, February 27, 2018, 11:26:38 am

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So long story short, for the past month the transmission in the P71 has been open.

I have the new shift linkage arm to go in all ready to go.

No one who had tried has been able to get the old one out. The tensioner and parking pawl are disconnected, the roll pin is out, the end nut is out, but the arm won't come out. I'm afraid of cracking the transmission itself if I try any harder.

I'm offering $100 cash to anyone who can get the Damn thing out so I can sell this car and get to work on the ranger and miata again.

Or, we can put it together, load it with fluid, put it in gear, and you can drive it away for a grand, but I'd much rather fix it and sell it for more.