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May 2018 Autocrosses

Started by scca-racerx, April 24, 2018, 02:02:01 pm

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Since most of us will die if we don't do autocross once a month, I figured I would make a list of nearby autocrosses.

May 5  Allegheny Highlands at Jimmy Stuart airport
May 5 Pittrace lowkey
May 12 OVR at National Raceway park, Hebron, OH.  Bigger than the north park pool lot with less camber.  I might go to this.
May 13 Dragway 42 on Mothers day.  It is fun and usually 3rd gear fast.
May 13 Susquehanna farm show am/pm.  Very large lot.  Register early.
May 20 NHSCC HDSA EVENT!  Don't forget to bring money for door prizes.
May 27 Dragway 42
May 27 Susquehanna farm show am/pm.

I am sure Alex P. will figure out a way to clone himself and go to all of them.  If I missed any, post them up here.

No, the New Jersey Pro May 4-5 doesn't count because it is sold out.  Good speed to all those who are going.  I wish I was.   :(
Joe Montuoro
2016 Subaru WRX

Young Frankenstien


You're missing NHSCC May 6 at North Park!!!

You're just old that's all Joe!!