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New SCCA Class - Solo Spec Coupe

Started by rob, September 04, 2017, 06:58:13 pm

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Quote from: marka on September 06, 2017, 10:37:49 am

I would strongly encourage local regions to allow OE Koni sports in SCC btw.  Either officially or unofficially via the entrants.  I can for sure tell you that I wouldn't care at all.


I agree.
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So preliminary reports from warmer weather regions of the country is that the SSC pax will make it a "slow class" for 2018.  I suppose that if that bears out, the SSC pax will be adjusted appropriately next year based upon a careful statistical analysis of race results, and assuming there isn't a change in spec tire or tuning that results in making another "educated guess" as to what the class's pax should be.   In any event my plan remains to stick with it and see how it bears out over time. 
Peter S.
Scion FR-S (32 SSC)


marka -- you seem to be enjoying spec coupe competition!

can you comment on your 2018 driving experience with this car to date? how does it compare to racing hondas? -pc

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Not a lot of similarity to an STS Honda... The twin is more compliant, WAY more modern (ABS is nice, as will be A/C when we get around to running it on hot days), rwd is just better, tires are even cheaper (like, I bought a full set of tires for less than the price of one A7 for the rear of Martin's car!), etc.

The car has been pretty fun to drive.  It doesn't do anything dumb.  It has enough power to be entertaining, but not enough to be intimidating.  I would say that the spec parts are reasonably well picked, at least so far.  It was working REALLY well this weekend.  I expect with a little more grip it's going to become a little more pushy, but some rear toe changes can address that if needed.

Overall, I think this class is awesome.  There's a good chance that next year Laura and I will own one of these.  If it doesn't happen, it will be for reasons outside of autox.