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Brake Disks - suggestions

Started by scca-racerx, June 07, 2018, 06:52:22 pm

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Everybody has their favorite: Brembo, Fedoro ect. ect.

I am looking for disks that won't melt during an autox.  That fit a 2016 Subaru WRX.  And don't cost a ton of money.  Part numbers, prices and where you got them would be a bonus, because I am too lazy to google.

Basically, are the overpriced Brembo's and Fedoro's worth the extra money?

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No. Only benefit for autox is lighter 2 piece rotors. Pads are the biggest change you will make for stopping performance. For rotors, go with centric blanks
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My experience with any modern car is don't cut the rotors. If they are warped or have hard spots in them toss em and get new high quality rotors from the dealer or air parts. No Chinese rotors because their QC on alloy sucks.



EDIT: Removed post as I was giving pad feedback instead of disk feedback.
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Josh R.

I'm a big +1 on the Centric rotors. I bought fancy DBA's one time and they didn't do a damn thing different than Centrics. Won't rust nearly as fast as Auto Zone/Advanced blanks.
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x3 on the Centric. I do track days with them and Carbotech XP8. Don't bother with the painted rotors if you heat the brakes up. All the paint burned right off mine when I bed the pads in.
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Ha, I just cracked one of my brembo blank fronts yesterday.
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