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Cone Killer Classic - July 14th/15th

Started by lprmesia, June 13, 2018, 12:22:54 pm

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Heyo - so it kinda stinks this is the same weekend as PVGP this year, but this is usually an awesome event every year. It looks like we already over a dozen or so locals signed up for it this year too.


Also, Miata Ted if you're reading this - most of this year's Match Tour ES Contingent is planning on going and is looking for a rematch. :p
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Sat might be a problem. Its my favorite bike time trial that I put in a lot of hard miles training for.

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The 2018 Cone Killer Classic now has an SSC class of one!
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A bunch of us are going to Race Street Brewery for evening refreshments on Saturday. I've sent out a FB invite, but I know a few of you on here (Ted, Nick, John, Vicki) aren't really on there - so extending the invite to you as well. Meeting up after 7pm.
2014 Subaru WRX - 27 STH
2016 Ford Fiesta ST - 5 HS