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Exhaust Systems

Started by lorenzoscribe, December 02, 2018, 07:37:52 pm

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Have any of you noticed how poorly aftermarket exhaust systems fit these days?  I'm not talking about a stainless Borla system for your Vette, I'm talking about a parts store Walker or whatever brand unit for your daily driver.

I put a factory fit muffler/tail pipe unit on my Tacoma in late summer and I found that the pipe at the front of the muffler was very short and didn't slide over the front pipe very far. Of course it started leaking within a month of installation to the point it sounded worse than before I changed the muffler.

So I got under there again today with one of those ID/OD adapters to try to rectify the problem. Once the muffler hit me on the head, and after numerous test fits during which I had to cut over an inch off the adapter  I finally got the system to seal.  However with the front of the pipe sealed and the mounting rods at the back of the muffler in their rubber mounts, I moved to the back and found that the rod that is supposed to fit through the rubber hanger to support the exit of the pipe was too far back.  At this point, I grabbed the hand sledge and wailed on the rod till I bent it enough to be mostly supported by the hanger.   

So now I have spent top money on the pipes and I have two afternoons under the truck trying to get this exhaust to fit and work properly.  It makes me wonder who is skimping on materials and engineering on these parts.  Certainly doesn't make me happy.

OK. Rant over. 

Larry Steckel


I bet the rant is not over and I here more Sat evening at the NHSCC meeting!!!😀


I've had bad experiences with Walker systems as well. For me it wasn't fitment issues, it was after the system has been in place for a few weeks, the baffles in the muffler would come loose and rattle like crazy. If you think you hate Walker now, just wait another month or 2 when the rattling sets in. Cause it will.  >:(
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For a time I sold exhaust systems from a company called Grand Rock, located in Painesville, Ohio.  These guys specialize in medium duty, heavy duty and Class 8 tractor exhausts.  Their quality, smooth pipe bends and high end clamps are something to behold. The only way you can duplicate that for passenger cars and light trucks is to go to a specialty shop that custom bends stainless systems and mortgage your children.

Larry Steckel