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E36 BMW 325is

Started by Ron, May 24, 2019, 12:36:26 pm

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It's back!!!  The Mark Auble, Dave Heinz, Mark Andy, et al car is now available again.  On stands since Christ left Chicago, the new additions since it was last listed include entire rear bushing replacements, (except sway bar bushings) rear hubs, bearings, wheel studs (2", of course) all brake hoses, parking brake cables, and a bunch of other stuff that I'd have to go back to the bench to jog my memory. Mm, replacement front fender.  Wheels are the "original" 17" Kosies shod with "new" tires well past their sell-by date.  Includes a bunch of new parts still in OEM packaging with OEM numbers.  And a BMW manual from Bentley.  A power bleeder included.  Some re-assembly required.  Can be on its wheels and rolling on to a trailer in an hour or so.  Feel free take the stands as well. 
And you guys thought I was dead - hah, not quite!
Ron Lawson
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Mark Aubele

How much Ron?  I've always missed that car.
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