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LO206 Kart Racing at Pitt Race

Started by Kartwerks Dan, June 12, 2019, 04:14:23 pm

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Kartwerks Dan

Two races this year and we've seen 40 and then 51 entries already. This was after the track just reintroduced Kid Kart, Sportsman and Junior classes for 2019! 

At Race two we hit records in every class:
3 Kid Karts
9 Cadets
8 Juniors
31 Seniors

Yes indeed - 31 Seniors all on track at once. Huge amounts of fun and racing throughout the field. 

Kid Karts are still the Comer 50 but all three other classes are running the cheap, sealed, nearly bullet proof Briggs LO 206 engine package.

If you have any interest in getting out to play with us, there are a few Arrive & Drive karts available as well as some cheap entry level packages.
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