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Racing Kart 2011 Birel W/Briggs Lo206 Jimbo Engine

Started by trigun7469, June 19, 2019, 03:07:37 pm

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2011 Birel Model: RY30
Frame tube size: 30mm
Wheelbase: 1045mm
Spindle size: 25mm
Front width: 635mm
Rear width: 715mm
Length: 1600mm
Front hub: 85mm (Aluminum or Magnesium)
Rear hub: 90mm (Aluminum or Magnesium)
Brakes: Hydraulic RR or Freeline 01 (180mm)
Seat: Freeline Fiberglass IMAF seat (does not come with laydown seat)
Steering Wheel: 340mm
Bodywork: Freeline 12/17 EVO

Data: Sendec Pro Lap timer and RPM Gauge

Engine: Briggs Lo206 Fastermotor.net Jimbo engine 3 races.



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Price: $2200 or Obo

I have additional spares available rims, tires, ect. For additional money. Located in Erie,Pa.