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Tacoma transfer case

Started by lorenzoscribe, July 11, 2019, 09:55:48 am

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Does anyone out there know a shop who is up to speed with the transfer case system on the 2000-2004 Toyota Tacoma?   

Mine has decided to stop working, and every tranny shop I have talked to refuses to look at it. I am also told that the local Toyota dealer doesn't have a tech who can work on it.  Imagine that.

I guess its a situation where the trucks didn't break often when they were newer, and now that they are old (mine is sixteen years old ) no one knows the systems. I appreciate any suggestions.

Larry Steckel
2003 Tacoma with 252K and still ticking.


I've used Great Valley before. They put the Eaton rear end in my Xterra. Similar in the sense that it's an 'exotic' Japanese drive train. They had no problem X-referencing bearings that Nissan only sells as a differential assembly.

They aren't cheap but I had a good experience and I've heard nothing but good things about their expertise in the past decade I've been living on this end of town.

Is finding a transfer case in a salvage yard an option? I'd imagine it would be about 2/3 the $500 that transmissions go for.
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I tracked the problem down to the actuator in the front axle.  I bought the part through Summit, (not cheap ) and spent about an hour and a half wiggling it around before I got it out from under the truck. 

When I went to put the new one in, I spent something like five hours with absolutely not luck in getting that actuator anywhere near the hole in the axle.   In the end, I had to take it to my regular mechanic who is used to bailing me out of biting off too much to chew.  They had to drop the front diff and move the steering rack to get enough room to put the part in, and from the RTV smudges on the oil pan, it wasn't easy at that.   But it works just like it is supposed to. Good for another 200,000 miles.