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Started by pinchvalve, April 26, 2004, 01:16:43 pm

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Some of you know me, beater Civic Sedan that's faster than it looks.  Enjoy wrenching on it, racing it and finding cheap go-fast parts.  Slowly loosing out to motorcycles due to schedule restraints.  May drop a few bucks on a roll-cage and hit the track or some Solo 1 stuff.  

The R/T is great for long, autobahn-like highway trips, but nimble it is not!  
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What he didn't tell you is how he was passing 70000hp eclipses at hyper fest like they were pointing him by.  :D  
Michael Carpenter
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welcome~ :gun:  
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i think that's a thumbsdown icon..

anyways welcome.  i've been thinking about a b18c5 into a 4th gen sedan a little bit lately. :devil:
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welcome to yet another civic owner


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welcome...  sound like you have some nice rides... :sup:   family sedans > all


Quotei've been thinking about a b18c5 into a 4th gen sedan a little bit lately. :devil:

so have my dad and i  B)  


holy crap speak of the devil...
pics further down.  now that's a sleeper
'13 WRX
'05 RS SOLD (flooded :( )
'96 Civic SOLD


buy a 5th gen john. you will be wasting a perfectly good type r tranny if you buy a 4th gen.  


yeah i know.  just thinking that's all.
'13 WRX
'05 RS SOLD (flooded :( )
'96 Civic SOLD


Welcome civics are taking over
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Its only money, you can always make more