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WTB Subaru Outback Wheels

Started by AaronH, October 15, 2019, 03:50:39 pm

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Anyone have a set of 17" OEM Subaru Outback or Legacy wheels for sale? I'm looking pair them up with winter tires and I am not finding much on the usual retail websites that seems like a good deal. Thanks. 
Aaron H.
Director Of Operations  - Pitt Race

Masher Manufacturing

Have a look at car-part com , make sure to use the minus ( - ) sign and exact spelling as other sites are very similar.  This searches participating salvage yards, call don't e mail as some yards have not figured out e mail. 

All Foreign near the PGH zoo ( where auto x used to be held in the 80 - 90's )  always has great pricing.  The are even starting to get USA stuff.