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SCCA Time Trials for 2020

Started by KeithO, December 27, 2019, 10:09:32 am

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I see that SCCA held at least one time trial event at PittRace in 2019.  Are there plans for 2020 and if so, when would the schedule be available?

I read over the SCCA info but there was something that wasn't apparent - is there any sort of license or credential that is necessary to compete?

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There is not an SCCA national tour TT at Pittrace this year. However it's likely that SteelCities will piggyback one or two single-day time trials with the regional road races. We'll have to stay tuned to them for an announcement.

Only requirements are a drivers license, helmet, and an SCCA membership. Groups are self-sorted based on experience and comfort in traffic/at the limit. I believe the novice groups get some classroom time. Traffic is mostly a non-factor after drivers are sorted by lap time.

Think of it like an HPDE with transponders as far as driver qualifications, vehicle prep, ect.

Road Atlanta is only 4 months away now. I'm stoked. I probably have over 1,000 hours on that circuit in vidja games.

I'm even more excited about Nelsons Ledges. How that track got a national tour event I'll never guess. If I ever have a chance of getting a class win on the tour it's there.
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Thanks for the additional info.  Will watch for updates.
I have never driven subtle cars.