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Cumberland Airport Pca Autocross

Started by neonmike22, April 09, 2004, 12:52:54 am

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National Road Autosport is offering a series of four autocross events in 2004. Three events will be held at the Cumberland Regional Airport as part of community aviation events recently approved by the Potomac Highlands Airport Authority. A fourth event is currently in the planning stages. Location and details will be confirmed later this year.

2004 Autocross Schedule

May 1-2, 2004 • First Annual Icebreaker - Cumberland Regional Airport
Community Aviation Days and Two Day Autocross

June 5-6, 2004 • Second Annual NRR Challenge - Cumberland Regional Airport
National Road Rally Vintage Weekend and Two Day Autocross

August, 2004 - TBA

October 30-31 • Second Annual Pumpkin Carve - Cumberland Regional Airport
Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Fly-In Pancake Breakfast and Two Day Autocross.

Downloadable registration forms are available on the home page. Entries are limited to 100 cars per event day.  Tech opens at 8 AM

Official Hotel : Holiday Inn, Cumberland Town Center
Call 301-724-8800 and ask for special $80 autocross event rate.
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Mike:  my dad and I made tenative plans today for the June dates.  so, if anyone else is going down for the June weekend, let me know asap so we can coordinate things.  :D

cant wait!!!


id really like to say i can go for the june event, but i think the pumpkin carve dates are more realistic for my schedule.

from the pics mike posted a while back, it looks like one fun ass course set up.  


i'm also in for the october one.  pancake breakfast hell yeah. :P
but seriously i'm probably gonna be busy all june, i could plan for october and get there for sure.
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