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1990 civic sedan

Started by 4 door love, September 30, 2006, 02:07:56 am

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Quote from: CeeBee
I've been using Neuspeed/KYB AGX.

If it wasn't for you wanting to upgrade, i'd almost say you should stay on that setup just for the shock factor lol.  What really funny is that me and you will have the same springrates next year  

Back to the whole ground control thing, yea the bonus here is you can set the spring rate.  Plus the springs are linear rate which helps alot.  Since you have the whole winter ahead of you, I say don't rush things and save up for Konis.  The Konis will get along much better with the stiffer springs than anything else.  The car will ride better on the street and handle better for autox.  The coilover bounce you see from the local riceboys usually means the idiot bought some Ebay setup and kept their stock struts.

Quote from: 4 door love
i would love to do koni's but they are way out of my price range i was thinking of going illumina's. but my past experience with coilovers is that struts last about a 1000 miles before they are blown. does an adjustable strut elongate that period before they are blown

Ack, we posted at the same time.

From my experience with them (ran them for several years with both street springs and GC's), you can run the illumina's just fine on a local level they do great.  But I would not get any springrate above 350lbs.  400lbs would be pushing it.  Maybe do like 300 up front and 350 out back, they should be able to handle that much and still last a good while.
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4 door love

what are everyones thoughts on the koni reds are they worth the 200 less than the yellows
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Reds are more of a high end OEM replacement.  They will take moderately raised spring rates.

They aren't yellows though
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Quote from: Brian

They aren't yellows though

8040-Specials (Reds) can be converted to 8041-Sport/RACE (Yellows) at a cost though.
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Heads up on a set of used 8041-Sports for '89-91 Civic/CRX - $250 + shipping:
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I was the guy that he bought the Sedan from and JimBob summed it up nicely.  The Sedan simply isn't the hot ticket for SoloII because the hatches are lighter and shorter.  But they can be competative and a lot of fun.  On the track at Beaver Run, they are more stable due to the longer wheelbase.  With the Si engine, they are pretty peppy.  You actually feel like you can kick some butt...until a 2-door with a B16 blows past you!

The Tockicos are nice because they are sold as a set and are not adjustable.  Nothing to think about, nothing to mess with, just get in and drive.  And they are affordable. Adjustability is nice, but unless you are really experienced, you probably won't be able to make much use of them.  Better to have consistency and work on driving skills IMHO.
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