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Pa Autocross Schedule

Started by Daewoo, June 25, 2004, 09:22:59 pm

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This site has the schedule for the following regions. Some (most) are a bit far, but for those who dont mind the traveling, Here ya go

NER - New England Region
WDCR - Washington DC Region SCCA
SCCA ProSolo - SCCA Pro Solo National Series
SCCA National Tour - SCCA Solo II National Tour
Philly SCCA - Philly Region SCCA
SJR SCCA - South Jersey SCCA
NNJR SCCA - Northern New Jersey SCCA
NYR SCCA - New York Region SCCA
SUSQ SCCA - Susquhanna Region
CPR - Central Pennsylvania Region SCCA
M-Club - M-Club
WSCC - Westchester Sports Car Club  
BMC - Brandywine Motorsports Car Club
R P C - Riesentoter Porsche Club
NEPA - Northeast Pennsylvania SCCA
NASA - NASA NorthEast
NNJR-PCA - NNJR-Porsche Club of America
FCSCC - Fairfield County Sports Car Club
Wing & Bonnet - Wing & Bonnet
Del-PCA - Delaware Region Porsche Club of America
PSCC - Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club
BMR - Blue Mountain Region SCCA
CART - Connecticut Autocross & Rally Team, Inc
Still waiting for 4 fun wheels, playing with 2 for now.