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Autumn Leaf Auto-x

Started by 1st v-dub, September 24, 2007, 09:06:46 am

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Anyone wanna make a GIF of this? haha.

I was hoping for a little higher place than 8th, but with traveling uphill twice I suppose thats not to bad.  Whats funny is in some of Bob's pics you can see how far over to the left some people were coming to make the right hander to get up the hill.
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Habib, we were some Civic driftin fools out there!
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It was a cone!


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man, thank god i dont race on street tires anymore... haha  ;D

damn. i remember how habibs car used to do that to me, too.
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Awesome pics again bob well done! Eathan did you get some event pics too??
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Quote from: <<Sin420>> on October 12, 2007, 09:29:12 am
Awesome pics again bob well done! Ethan did you get some event pics too??

Yes; but life has owned me this week.  I'll get them up soon.

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