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08 schedule?

Started by 88GT, February 16, 2008, 02:08:23 pm

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No problem, man.  Looking foward to it!
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Quote from: Strangelove on February 23, 2008, 07:58:11 am
Fixed that for ya. :P

I'll be dressing in drag as an elderly lady and the terrible towel will be my version of "Depends" and I'll be playing like I'm incontinent--it will be an improvement to that yellow piece of crap I wouldn't use to wash my muddy ass mutts, correct? :D

An evo school is in the cards, huh? Cool.


When I was at the board meeting a few weeks back I think there was talk of skipping the EVO schools for a year.  For a few reasons, one was recently we've been just sorta barely breaking even on them.  Since we've been holding the EVO schools non-stop for the past few years we have kind of saturated the driver base around here.  Give it a year off to regain some interest and go at it again in 09.  Again this is what came up to my knowledge.  There may have been some scheduling issues also and the test n tunes were put ahead of the EVO schools.  Maybe Nick or Joe can fill in better.
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Yes, that was my understanding as well when I asked Nick about it at the banquet.

There was also talk of an SCR school as well, but looks like that is a no-go as well.

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