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'09 NHSCC Autumn Leaf

Started by PDLTURBO, September 30, 2009, 02:32:50 pm

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Here is my rundown of the event... now that I've had time to sit and think.
WOW... that's all I can say. Like Brad stated, that has to be one of the best NP courses I've driven. BIG props to the course designers ( Doug & Ethan ? ) and to all that set it up.

The slalom was fun as hell and it drove a little tighter than it walked. That's not to say it WAS tight, but that it felt it when you really got moving . Having said that, once you got into a rhythm it was over just as it was getting fun. The uphill kinda blind corner sweeper element was really fun and forced you to keep your head up. The next crossover section downhill was a challenge to not over drive into the final right-hander. If you took that wide, you were fighting uphill to get to the finish and lost a lot of time.

I asked Karen to Ride along with me on my 1st run as well as ride with her to see what the differences were. While our times weren't very far off all day, the way we got them were. Walking the course with her was very educational and made me look at the course differently, and it paid off. As each run went, I found myself driving slower and smoother into the corners and being patient. It made getting out of them easier and able to get back on the fun pedal quicker.

So, onto my runs. I was using Karen and John Parker as benchmarks and just wanted to see how close I could get to either of them. My 1st run was ok and while it was sloppy and with cold brakes and tires, I was able to get 34.060. That held as FTD for a while. I've never had that one of these events... until Jer .  Karen went out and ran a 34.036 on hers, and WOW, talk about smooth and effortless. Not bad for never driving my car. She was giddy getting out after the run and was having fun. That was the whole reason for her being in the car.. to have fun.

The next run  I coned and went slower, but was getting things figured out. Karen ran a 33.6 and I knew that I had to get faster. John ran a 35.0 and a 34.65 respectively and I was glad I was still in the ballpark. On our 3rd runs, I went out and got a 33.618...that put me 0.041 ahead of Karen, and then she ran a 33.345! BLAST! John ran a 33.85... I was still where I wanted to be.

My 4th run... wow, that sucked. I don't know what happened, but when I grabbed 2nd, I spun it good and saw that I was pointed right at Chris Buntrock ( Sorry Chris! ) and when the car snapped around I whacked my head on the a pillar. Kinda rattled me, and that's why I just drove to the finish.

Karen's last runs were really consistent and she really pulled out a great run on her last one. Had the sun been out, I think there was a lot more time left, but the tires just wouldn't stay warm. She did a 33.311! I noticed that John had a 33.507 as his best as well.... I KNEW I had to get down there.
Well, while I had a really fun run going and I KNEW it was fast because I felt like I was in slow-mo. I came into the finish I was just THAT MUCH too much to the right and BAM! Whacked that finish cone.... S.O.B! ( at least it wasn't the timer )... then saw it was a 33.196... FRACK! I was not happy... I was sure Ethan got a pic of me gripping the wheel with an angry face.

The last run didn't feel that bad, and thought I could get CLOSE to where I was, but in the sweeper after the uphill section I nabbed the middle cone... blah!!!!!! So I just ran and had fun. I ended up with a 33.331 +1 on that...  In the end, neither cone made me physically slower, but both of those would've gotten me one of the trophies, and that wasn't pleasant.

I ended up with a top 15 PAX and decent scratch times. I got some great feedback from Karen on the car's setup and my driving. I still was happy that the times I made were on par with the two fast Vettes and that was enough for me.

Big thanks to Karen for the pointers during the walks, the runs and the talks about the car and stuff after the event. It meant a lot to me.
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Great event, started out rough again this week by a stainless steel brake line deciding to split on my first run and doing a quick dance back to the house and grabbing the stock rubber lines and back to the event and swap lines and bleed the brakes.  I did find out that the car really needs a front diff to keep up with the evo's.

Course was fun and inventive, used the space well.  Good times and good friends.  After party was fun.  And Chris B got me in pax, barely :)

Can't wait for the final NHSCC  where I'll be co-driving Jer's Evo!!!!
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Quote from: DarkHelmet on October 05, 2009, 06:22:15 pm
Like Brad stated, that has to be one of the best NP courses I've driven. BIG props to the course designers ( Doug & Ethan ? ) and to all that set it up.

I'm very glad that everyone seemed to enjoy the course, and I really appreciate the feedback that everyone has offered; positive and negative. 

I think the overall design is a keeper, with a few additional tweaks the next time I pull it out of the bag.  Obviously the strange sea of cones in the middle of the course was not the ideal arrangement, but it was the lesser of evils with the overall goals.  As it turns out, I think those were met...  Two cars on course with ~25 seconds or less between cars, 6 runs and still done in time for dinner @ 5pm, something that was fun and challenging that you had to pay a little attention to your lines and didn't have one of those stupid corners that just totally sucks... and a 6 cone slalom in north park...

I think next time I shoot for a 7 cone slalom...  ;)


This weekend was a mixed bag for me...  Nearly all I can remember is good; except for that cone... 

Really wonderful to see folks close to Kent make it to the event.  I hope they can comment on it; as appropriate.

It started as one of those strange days where you go slower as the day goes on...  Except I knew that the time on my first run was not good enough...  In hind sight I was over driving the next few runs and loosing time in the slalom by getting the car loose...  Regardless, big big props to Kristi for pulling out a very good run on her 6th and final go at the course when all the chips were on the line...  She dropped 2/10ths off the time that I had been sitting on all day and ran a 33.554; which I think is a very good time for that course...  With the diff situation fixed it seems like she is ready to put a very good foot forward in representing her cause from here on out. 

But I'm very disappointed with myself for coning.  I had two chances and didn't put a clean run down; yet neither cone was "significant"...  Both could/should have been avoided.  Hell, I didn't even know that I coned on my fifth run, which was a 33.354 (would have been good enough for 4th in PAX leading the "also rans" behind the SM horde); until John Parker announced it as I crossed the finish.  Apparently I picked one up in the slalom.  Never heard it...  My last run the car got a little loose in the top sweeper and I thought I had it under control, but when the tires hooked back up it pulled hard towards the apex of the corner and I nicked that cone too...  Again, avoidable...  but I blew that 33.418 run as well...   

The annoying thing is that I was really pleased with my driving and had a heck of a good time on course...  Seems like any time a BMW on street tires is running the same raw times as a corvette on A6's, it should be a good weekend...  But instead I kick myself. 

Don't mind getting beat; HATE beating myself.  :(

By the end of the day I was _very_ tired; it was a long day...  But I really enjoyed the event and the company at the banquet afterward.  Next time I'll have to dial up a cone free course when I place the order. 

Edit:  Oh yeah...  Two other things.  I think I'm getting along with the "take two" of softer spring choices on the car; so thanks to those who helped make that happen...  And, I have pictures from the last couple NP events that I will eventually get through.  They will be online when they get online, but sorry to keep everyone waiting.

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It sounds like irony coning away on your own slalom. I enjoyed it very much. ;D I got it down 80% and came away satisfied. I wouldn't make the slalom any longer. Rudy thinks I got all of it, I say at least another 5 to 8 tenths.

Great design, good flow, had a blast, job well done!
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Oh yeah, one more thing...  One of the highlights of the day was watching Jer nearly pull of one of the biggest crazy ass and proper scandinavian flicks I've ever seen...  On asphalt...  on hosiers...

It was truly a thing of beauty.

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One more footnote...  For those keeping score - the slalom was 6 cones at 65' apart...  Evenly spaced, and measured with a tape measure because I can't eyeball a slalom to save my life...  It was open enough to run pretty fast through, despite feeling a little tight because of the mental preconception we all have based on the lot geometry and what's been run in the past.

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